System No. 30




Julian Wild

Julian Wild to make "System No.30" for Sculpture in the Parklands

London based artist, Julian Wild has been commissioned to make one of this years residency projects at Sculpture in the Parklands in the bog lands of Co.Offaly.

Over the last 2 years Julian has gleaned pieces of metal scrap from the Bord na Mona workshops in Lough Boora. He sees the process as a kind of archaeology in which each old cog and piece of metal tells part of the story of the industrial heritage of the site.

Welding these scraps of peat wagons and cutting machinery together, the artist will construct an 18 metre long sculpture in a canal at the site. The concept is to create a disk that appears to bounce over the surface of the canal, like a skimming stone.

The disk is held in the air by a trajectory trail of scrap that it leaves behind.

Since 2003 Julian has been making a series of works called ”Systems”. These works are sequentially numbered. The numerical order of the series is partly an attempt to de-romanticise the titling process and partly to encourage the viewer to focus on their response to the work. The Systems series has taken Julian on a journey through self-contained sculptures, installations, drawings and public art projects


Click Below for Julian's Sculpture Park residency on YouTube

"System No. 30"


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